Modern Services

We offer a wide range of professional work in the field of interior design and decoration. Below are a few of what we deal in:

  • Interior designing, decoration, finishing, and consultation
  • Upholstery & Painting Contracting
  • Fabrication & Maintenance
  • Turnkey projects

Why Hire an Interior Designer?


      Many of us feel that our project is too small to warrant a design specialist, our budget is not large enough, or since we have a builder and/or architect, we don't need to throw another trade into the mix. Designers work on a wide range of projects and within an equally diverse range of budgets. Working with an Interior Designer is like having your own personal tour guide to escort you through the exciting world of home construction and home fashion.

      Designers have spent years mastering their craft in order to be able to create functional and beautiful spaces for living and working. read more

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